By Steam We Travel

by Littmus Steampunk Band

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The Littmus Steampunk band are a band of castoffs let go from around the world. Always keeping an eye out for any easy pickings that may come their way. Occasionally having to move on if the Authorities get wind of them.The band is made up of:

The Gentleman ( Acoustic Guitar, Main Vocals and Songwriter) :
An inveterate gambler and con-man who travels the world by wooing people with music to be able to keep up his bad habits. Money is always needed and nothing is ever done by him without a benefit to his wallet. He is well dressed and always keeps a deck of cards close at hand.

The Widowmaker ( Backing Vocals and Percussion) :
A professional widow seems an unlikely job description but here she is in all her glory. No-one knows how many husbands and lovers she has buried, but she is always on the lookout for more. She is single at the moment but watch her eyes, they may be on you.

Commander J ( Bass) :
A disgraced Airship pilot who was discharged from the Albion Empire’s Air-navy. During the Alwenna War she was accused of not only killing the enemy but also of shooting down her own airships if she felt inclined, for there is money to be made on both sides of the battlefield. She now flys the airlanes as a freelance, an airship pilot for hire.

Sabrina Von Vamp ( Keyboards, Guitar and Backing Vocals) :
It is said that behind her beautiful smile lies a grin of death. The word vampire can be easily thrown about, and while it is true that no-one has ever seen her eat or drink there are no such things as the mythical vampire, is there? As she travels from town to town she always leaves behind her, riddles and questions.

Rattis Robocuff ( Djembe and Catering) Rattis got drunk on mulled wine and lost her right rotor in a steampunked card game . She is now a little cranky and plays with a limp. Rattis likes to collect rodents and give them to her her pug. Rattis is on the lookout for a shiny new rotor so don't stand too close or your rotor cuff might go missing. She is part human/ part robot.

The Inventor Wolf (Cello)
Is an Inventor of strange things and is also of extremely high character. Owns her own personalised Time Travel Machine, which hangs from her time belt. Flitters through all points of Earths time periods to bring back rare treasures to help fund the Littmus Steampunk Band. Is of course completely MAD and most of the things brought back are worthless.

And as The Littmus Steampunk Band, together they make music. Music for the masses to enjoy. Music to bring people close to them. Music to challenge even the hardiest of souls.
Watch and hear them at your peril.


released July 5, 2015

The Littmus Steampunk Band are:

Richard Ryall (The Red Gentleman): LEAD VOCAL, GUITAR, SYNTHS, DRUM LOOPS
Judy Brennan ( The Widowmaker): VOCALS, PERCUSSION, KAZOO
Jemma Green (The Aviator Girl): BASS
Sabrina Ritom (Sabrina Von Vamp): KEYBOARDS, VOCALS
Debie Curd ( Rattus Tobocuff): DJEMBE
Rike Wolf (Inventor Wolf): CELLO
Tont Tsimbas (Harbottle Grimstone) Congas, Percussion.
Special Guest, Jason Curtis: Flugabone



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Littmus Steampunk Band Townsville, Australia

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